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      ABOUT US

      Yancheng Creator Chemical Co., Ltd. (Former Yancheng NO.4 Chemical Industry Plant) established in 1970,we have specialized in fine chemical,pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate for more than thirty years and we have become the major manufacturer of organic bromide series products in china,main products:Ethyl Bromide,N-Propyl Bromide,N-Butyl Bromide,N-Octyl Bromide,2-Bromopropane,Bromobenzene,p-Dibromobenzene,p-Chloromobenzene and so on,our products have been exported to many countires such as USA,Eu,Japan,Indian and other countries and regions.

      We are certified as ISO9001(2000 Version)enterprise in May 2001.

      We insist on the strategy of "Promoting Enterprises development through scinece,human resource is the basic factor",further we enhance the investment in science transform,and establish relationship with high school and graduate school from home and abroad,continu-ously develop new products so as to meet alternative customers's requirements.Neew production technology of Ethyl Bromide and N-Propyl Bromide are awarded the golden prize of "International fair of China patent and new products".We are awarded many times as "Yancheng star enterprise","S&T Advanced Unit","Contract and Credit enterprise","Ad-vanced Industrial enterprise and model unit","Three Star Enterprise","Grade AAA Credit enterprise",Total Quality Management of Enterprise is appraised by minister of Agriculture.


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